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Commercial refrigeration


Originated from Italian screw and reciprocating compressors; the main products: screw and piston refrigeration compressors and compressor trains; cold storage monoblocks


China Famous Brand, one-stop refrigeration system experts; main products: ice machines, evaporative condensers, air coolers, and pressure vessels

Industrial refrigeration and gas treatment


The starter and advocate of the screw expander power plants: main products: screw expander exhaust heat power plant; heat pump


Inherited 100-year helium compression technology from Sweden; main products: air compression and industrial gas processing


The starter and leader of the screw compressor in the world; Main products: industrial refrigeration units and systems

New energy technologies


World-leading technology of energy storage and electrolytic water hydrogen production; main products: highly integrated fuel cell systems


World-leading air supply systems for the fuel cells; main products: fuel cell air supply compressor

Centrifugal compressor and turbine

Concepts NREC

World-leading experts of centrifugal compressors and turbines; main products: centrifugal compressors and turbine machinery technology

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