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Hydrogen cycle pump


Hydrogen cycle pump


Product Description Technical Parameters

Opcon has the advanced compressor technology for fuel cell. 

●  The fully owned subsidiary SRM developes and owns the most advanced twin screw  compressor profiles in  the world. 

●  High speed drive motors  are developed independently with superior performance and lowest size and weight. 

●  High speed frequency inverter specially developed for fuel cell air supply  systems are  high efficient, stable and eliable. 

●  OPCON Autorotor are worldwide involved in many research projects together with partners  such as universities, research institues and automotive reasearch organisations.

Pump features:

●  Oil free synchronized screw compressor

●  Rotor cantilevered design–only two seals need

●  Flow control through variable speed drive

 Gas concentration:

●  Hydrogen – 70%

●  Nitrogen – 20%

●  Vapour – 10%


●  Approx 600 l/min

Over Pressure:

● 45kPa

Motor power:

●  500 W

Shaft speed:

●  12 000 rpm

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