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Raking Type Automatic Ice Storage


Raking Type Automatic Ice Storage


Product Description Technical Parameters


• Store the ice produced from ice machine. If large amount of ice required for the ice destination in short time, the ice storage can deliver ice automatically. During ice storing, the ice raking mechanism will level up the ice from the ice machine. When the ice gets to the storage upper limit, the electrical control system will stop the ice machine automatically. Only when the ice level is lower, can the ice machine started again automatically.


• SNOWKEY raking type auto ice storage has 2 types: containerized type and combined type, with storage capacity from 18 ton to 200ton. 20’ and 40’ containerized ice storage and factory preassembled combined type ice storage is easy to transport by truck, railway or ship, suitable for remote area or moving frequently required situation. 
• Specially designed double insulation layer. Even though the ice storage is full of ice, there is still an air circulation layer surrounding the ice. Refrigeration system will keep the ice temperature about -5~-8℃, and the ice stored dry and crispy. 
• Heavy-duty industrial components. All the components are strictly selected, ensuring the equipment continuous running, longer life and less maintenance;
• High-duty and reasonable-structure ice raking system, ensuring long time continuous running, without deformation; 
• Patented structure design chainwheel and high duty link chains ensure stable running and not liable to frozen and trip;
• The elevating mechanism will adjust the ice raker height automatically and ensure the ice raker always be above the ice surface;
• Equipped with ice buried auto sensing, ice raking shelf balance sensing and ice raker overload protection device, to protect the equipment running;
• As per actual application situation, the inner surface contacting ice can be made of galvanized steel or stainless steel;
• Ice deflecting door is equipped with open/close actuator. When delivering ice, the door will be opened and closed automatically. On the door, sight window to view the ice level inside the ice storage;
• Industrial PLC and touch operation panel for the control system, including monitoring system, endless speed governing for the ice raking system and alarm system.

Containerized ice storage inner view

Elevating mechanism

Cooling system for the ice storage

Horizontal screw conveyor

Raking type auto ice storage flake ice delivering

Ice storage ice out procedure

Electrical control box

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